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Fire Emblem If Introduces Some Key Characters From Black And White Kingdoms



Fire Emblem If’s Black Kingdom features more of your traditional knights in armor while the White Kingdom has more of a Japanese feel with ninjas and samurai. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides details on some of the characters we’ll meet from both sides.


Screenshots for these characters aren’t available yet, but we’ll have them soon enough. Until then, read on to find out who some of your allies in the upcoming RPG will be.


Silas (Social Knight): A young apprentice knight of the Black Kingdom. He’s childhood friends with the protagonist, and will join you in both versions of the game.


Elfie (Armor Knight): A knight that serves Princess Elise of the Black Kingdom. Contrary to her looks, she has incredible power. She never misses training, so that she can keep protecting her allies. Elfie is only available as a party member in the Black Kingdom version.


Harold (Axe Fighter): Elise’s subordinate. He’s a self-proclaimed hero of justice, but his horrible luck is his biggest weakness. He’s also only available as a party member in Black Kingdom.


Hinata (Samurai): A young man from a family of samurai that has served the White Kingdom for generations. Hinata serves under Takumi. He might like to start fights, but he’s caring when it comes to his buddies. He’ll join your party in White Kingdom.


Oboro (Spear Warrior): Takumi’s subordinate. She actually has some feelings for him. Due to something that has happened in the past, she holds a deep grudge against the Black Kingdom. Oboro is a party member in White Kingdom.


Rinka (Kijin, lit. “Ogre Person”): A female warrior, originally from the “Fire Tribe”. She lives according to her father, the patriarch, and helps the White Kingdom fight against the Black Kingdom. She’s a party member in White Kingdom.


Tsukuyomi (Hexer): Tsukuyomi is from the opposite tribe of Rinka, as part of the “Wind Tribe”. He’s shown exceptional talents as a Curse Maker at an early age. He doesn’t like being in dark areas. He’ll be available as a party member in White Kingdom.


Fire Emblem If will release in Japan on June 25, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. A Western release is scheduled for sometime in 2016. We’ll have more updates including images for the above characters once they become available.

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