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Fire Emblem If Trailer Shows More Characters And How You’ll Choose A Side


Fire Emblem If is releasing soon in Japan, and Nintendo shared another look at the game with a new trailer showcasing both kingdoms and some of the main features of the upcoming 3DS title.

The video starts out with an introduction of the Black and White kingdoms, followed by a look at the character creation bits at 1:15, where you can see a few examples of what kind of protagonists you can make.

Afterwards, it explains how you’ll need to make the choice of deciding which side to join, and your decision will have a big impact as far as how the story is told in the game. They’ll both have their unique parts as well as endings.

At 2:30, the video focuses more on battle gameplay, with a look at how you’ll choose your lineup, and how you’ll go into fight, use strengths and weaknesses to your advantage, and work with allies for cooperative attacks.

We can get a look at the new “Dragon Pulse” ability at the 3:53 mark. These abilities can be used by royal family characters from either Kingdom, and they make changes on the battlefield such as building bridges, causing earthquakes, and even flattening mountains.

Next, they show a little more on the bonding system, where you’ll meet characters from over 60 different unit-types. Both versions will have their own unique units. As you level these characters up, they’ll become stronger, and can even change classes upon meeting requirements.

Finally, they share another look at the “My Castle” feature, where you’ll build your own town used to create items, bond with allies, and connect with other players with StreetPass. You can read more about it in our earlier report.

Additionally, here’s a look at the Japanese TV spot for Fire Emblem If:

Fire Emblem If will release in Japan on June 25, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS and sometime in 2016 for the West.

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