Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Dancer Is A Great Class For So Many Characters

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In the Fire Emblem series, there always tends to be a class that has a support skill that allows another unit to act again. In Fire Emblem Awakening, Olivia is a Dancer who will use the dance support skill on an adjacent ally so they can act again. Azura is a Songstress in Fire Emblem Fates who can sing to restore allies. Fire Emblem: Three Houses introduces the Dancer class in an interesting way, providing people with a rare role that helps keep the balance and provides a great opportunity for certain characters who are good at swordplay and magic.


In the 12th Ethereal Moon month (and tenth chapter of the game), the White Heron Cup will be held. You then have the option of choosing which member of your house you would like to have represent you in the event. Alois, Manuela, and Shamir will judge each dancer from each house, and the winner gets the Dancer class unlocked for them. Rhea tells you about the event in the beginning of the month. After you choose the person you want as your dancer, you can then check with Manuela to see how high that person’s charm needs to be to win the contest. (For me, it was 13. It was a number Felix already exceeded before the dance practice that increased his charm by five.) Dance practice adds five, successful tea parties add an additional one, and growing or acquiring a Golden Apple can immediately grant another point to charm.




Once your character has won the White Heron Cup on 12/16, you just switch to the unique class and you’re done. That character is your dancer. They have the normal Dance ability at the start, and can eventually learn the Special Dance ability that also gives the target an additional, temporary +4 buff to dexterity, luck, and speed. This person also gets Sword Avo +20, which increases your avoidance when the character has a sword equipped, and the Sword Dance Combat Art that relies on the charm stat to determine the attack’s Mt. The class itself is known for being good with sword and authority battalion attacks, but it also lets the user use spells. It’s a practical job that helps eliminate issues people may have with dancers before, regarding strength. The agility elements to it make sense in-game. Also, allowing magic to still be used makes it a good class candidate for characters who were previously acting as supports or trying to stay out of the line of fire.


This may help someone narrow down their dancer. Anyone could fit into this class and work as it, but the nature of the role means it is a good idea to turn to someone who is proficient in swords and magic. That means you can take advantage of the Combat Arts, abilities, and spells they learned prior to acquiring this unique role and tap into them as needed. Someone might look to Dorothea and right away think, “That’s my Dancer!” Which is absolutely a good option. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, she was a member of the Mittlefrank Opera Company, she starts out with reason at D level proficiency and swords at E+. She also has rather natural high charm. It works. But, some people with Budding talents could also prove to be incredible dancer options.


I went with Felix as a dancer. Partially, because it was funny. But the driving force was that I had encouraged his Budding Talent in reason, earned the ability that increased his avoidance by 10 when using black magic, and then never had him in a role where he would actually use magic. It ended up suiting him and defining him in a Blue Lions army where I was already using Mercedes and Petra as assassins, Dimitri as a lance and sword-wielding lord, and Byleth as a sword-user and healer. It suited him and made him a character who, regardless of his equipped weapon, can sometimes be untouchable.




Looking to Budding Talents means a few other characters could easily slip into this role. Lysithea is a mage who has swordplay as a Budding Talent, eventually getting the Soulblade Combat Art if you spend a lot of time with her. But, she’s also incredibly frail and you probably want her hiding behind someone else. Making her a dancer is a great move, because then you can have her supporting someone and using her incredibly strong spells as needed. The other option is Ignatz. He starts out with the sword at E+ and is strong in it, as well as the authority proficiency that Dancer helps with. His Budding Talent is reason, and encouraging that allows him to inflict –6 strength on the person he attacked. This means he could be a meatier dancer, like Felix, who could stand on the front lines and take a hit or two.


The Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dancer is a lot of fun and very practical. The class isn’t difficult to earn, provided you make time to actually attend the event. It has some great skills that remain viable in the first and second half of the game. Plus, its reliance on swords and reason means it is the perfect sort of class for people with Budding Talents you nurtured, but maybe never had a chance to use. It’s a great role in a great game.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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