Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces Blue Lions House; Explains Geneology of Holy War Influence

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Nintendo has released the latest English video introduction, this time for the Blue Lion house that Dimitri is the leader of. Additionally, new information on the game’s inspirations have come to light in a recent interview. [Thanks, RPG Site!]


Check out an introduction to the Blue Lion house below:

Take a deeper look at the Blue Lions house, led by Prince Dimitri of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Standing for the ideals of strength and chivalry, the Blue Lions know few equals.


Moving onto the interview, which was conducted with co-directors Toshiyuki Kusakihara and Genki Yokota, they clarify that the decision to add a school life element was inspired by Fire Emblem: Geneology of the Holy War, where main character Sigurd was school friends with Quan and Eldigan, two other key characters in the game. Later on, Sigurd must fight against Eldigan, and these elements were what they had in mind when making Three Houses.

At the very end, the co-directors were asked whether Nintendo and Intelligent Systems might consider a port of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on the Nintendo Switch, to which Yokota laughed and said he’d go talk to Atlus about it.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. Check out its latest 10-minute overview trailer here, and an introduction to The House of the Black Eagles here.

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