Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces Plot Events And Coordinated Attacks

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses has gotten another large batch of info from Famitsu, focusing on some plot points as well as new Support-related strategies such as coordinated attacks.


Stirrings of Disturbance

There are two particular individuals who are are harboring ill intent towards the Garreg Mach Monastery, attacking students and teachers, as well as showing their hostility to the church. While their goal is uncertain, it’s certainly not a good sign.


Reaper Knight

Rumor goes that there’s a knight going around kidnapping people at night in Garreg Mach. Despite writing it off as a rumor, the Reaper Knight shows up in front of the protagonist. He emits an otherworldly, malevolent aura.


Flame Emperor

A mysterious person behind many of the incidences at the Monastery. He hides himself with a mask and cloak, and his true face has never been seen. The bandits the protagonist saves the three house leaders from were sent by this person.


The Shadowy Incidents Surrounding the School

Early on, the protagonist will choose which house they want to join with. While the incidents that occur by the end of each season are the same, the events before and after the incident are specific to the house you’ve chosen, and show off different sides to the characters,


Lord Lonato’s Rebellion

Despite being from Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, the head of the Gaspard Kingdom, Lord Lonato, has staged a rebellion against the Church. The protagonist and his students are tasked with taking care of it. His adopted son, Ashe, has no idea why Lonato would do something like stage a coup.


Coordinated Attacks & Coordinated Gambits

The Support system from previous games is still present, and has been further expanded. Now, there are Coordinated Attacks that are usable when Support allies are nearby, adding boosts to hit, evade, damage, and more. 


The Gambits that are usable when your unit is equipped with a battalion also benefits from Supports. If a Supported partner is nearby, Gambit accuracy and strength is increased by your current Support state. After a Coordinated Gambit, all involved parties will get a boost to their Support rating.


Supporting Assistants

When the protagonist’s teaching level increases, players will be able to designate units as Supporting Assistants, which allow Coordinated Attacks more easily, and also have additional benefits, listed below:

  • Assistant Follow-up: At the end of the battle encounter, the Supporting Assistant might perform an additional strike.
  • Assistant Guard: The Assistant blocks follow-up attacks  and reduces damage taken.
  • Assistant Heal: The supporting unit may cast Heal at the start of every chapter.

There are no downsides to making a character another’s Supporting Assistant, so make sure that the key players in your army have Supporters of their own. The Supporters even get EXP from battles the main fighters deals with.


Field Gimmicks


Unlockable with keys or with the Locktouch skill.



Unlockable with keys or with the Locktouch skill.



Only allowed to lower the drawbridge from the side it is on,


Dropped Items

Items marked in green in the opponent’s inventory will be dropped after the enemy dies.




A class only usable by the leaders of the respective Houses, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. The Class skill Charisma boosts allies by making them dish out more damage to Enemies.



Class skill: Steal – Steal items that aren’t weapons from an enemy with less speed than your’s.

Class skill: Locktouch – Be able to open doors and chests even without keys.




Pegasus Knight

Class skill: Canto – If there are any remaining movement spaces left, unit can move that amount of spaces after performing action.

Class skill: Avoid +10 – Increases Evade stat.



Class skill: Bow Distance +1.



Class skill: Heal – Can use the spell Heal. If already learnt, the number of uses doubled.

Class skill: White Magic Recovery +5 – White magic heals 5 more damage.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019.

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