Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces Sylvain; Shows Off Second Story Chapter

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses has released an introduction to the dependable ladies man Sylvain, as well as a few more pieces of official artwork for the second chapter of the game that takes place 5 years later, as revealed during the E3 Nintendo Direct.


Sylvain (CV: Makoto Furukawa)

House: Blue Lions

“Ahh… It’s nice to see all these cute ladies looking worried for me.”

The eldest son of Duke Gautier from the Gautier Borderlands. He’s very considerate of his friends, and is looked up to as a dependable older brother figure, but likes to sweet talk the ladies, and as such is always mired in troubles.  He has an older brother who was removed as heir due to not having a Crest.


Here’s a look at Byleth talking to Sylvain:

“Dorothea, Hilda, Mercedes… Even Lady Rhea is a beautiful woman. Man, Officer’s Academy is great, Teacher! There are beauties everywhere! Ahahaha!!”


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Chapter 2 – Three stories, told in two chapters

While up until now, the Officer’s Academy section has been in the spotlight, the game does in fact have a second chapter that takes place five years afterwards. The War Chapter will detail the three-sided war between the factions of Fodlan, and the story will diverge depending on the house you chose in the Academy chapter.


Here is a look at the three main lords after five years:








All the students introduced so far will all appear as their grown-up selves after the five-year timeskip. As Byleth fights alongside his chosen allegiance, the leader and former students of that house will face off against their former friends in all-out war. Who will you fight with? It all goes back to the decision you make.


Finally, the gameplay segment with live gameplay from Nintendo Treehouse is available below:


Fire Emblem: Three Houses is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. Check our previous report to learn more about its activities including fishing, cooking, and more. You can also read about the game’s confirmed dual audio and romance options here.

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