Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces The Devout Loner Marianne And Holy Relic Wielder Catherine

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Over the past two days, Intelligent Systems introduced the sleepy-looking devout loner Marianne, and continued their pattern of introducing staff and miscellaneous characters during the weekend with Catherine, a graduate who now works as a Knight of Seiros.


Marianne (CV: Sawako Hata)

House: Golden Deer

marianne 1 2

marianne 2

“Right… I was in the middle of praying…”

The foster daughter of Duke Edmund of the Edmund Borderlands. She doesn’t really interact with others, so there are many people who have never even heard her voice before. On the other hand, she opens her heart to the birds and animals she loves, and talks to them often. She’s very devout, and never forgets to pray to the Goddess.


Check out a video of Byleth talking to the elusive Marianne:

“Um… Teacher… You said the assignment was to rout bandits… I’m not confident in myself… I’ll probably just drag everyone down… If possible I’d like to support from the rear… Or maybe just leave me behind…”


Catherine (CV: Chie Matsuura)

catherine 1 2

“My answer itself was quite serious! Hahaha!”

A graduate of the Garreg Mach Monastery’s Officer’s Academy, who is now a Knight of Seiros. She wields the ‘Raitei’ (lit. Thunder), a legendary weapon that is one of the “Hero Relics”. She’s an adept swordsman who has sworn her loyalty to Rhea as knight.


Here’s a video of Rhea introducing Catherine:

Catherine: “Excuse me, Lady Rhea, did you call for me?”

Rhea: “Byleth, this is Catherine, who leads the knights that will accompany you.”

Catherine: “Nice to meet you. I’ve heard the rumors. If anything comes up, you can rely on us.”


Hero Relics

Stories are told of the Ten Heroes of Fodlan, who received powers from the Goddess in a time long past. Aside from their Crests, the Goddess also granted them holy weapons called Hero Relics. The only ones capable of using these Relics with the might of the Goddess’ power are the ones with the corresponding Crest.



As you may have noticed, the sword held by the protagonist is also a Hero Relic. It’s name is the Sword of the Creator. What sort of Crest’s power allows them to use this sword?


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Fire Emblem: Three Heroes is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. Check our previous report to learn more about its activities including fishing, cooking, and more. You can also read about the game’s confirmed dual audio and romance options here.

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