Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces The Hot-Headed Martial Artist Caspar

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses shared its latest character introduction with the hot-headed martial artist Caspar from the House of the Black Eagles who might be quick to argue but has a great sense of justice.


Caspar (CV: Satoru Murakami)

House: Black Eagles


The second-born son of the Count Bergries family. Since he will not be the successor of the head of the family, he decides to to attend the Officer’s Academy to train hard at martial arts. While he can be quick to argue, he has a sense of justice that stands against lies and unfairness, and has an honest personality.


Here’s a video showing how Caspar meets the protagonist:

“Oh man, does that Professor Jeritza look strong. To be honest, I thought our next teacher would be Professor Jeritza. You know, to replace that one that ran away during the field operation? But I was pretty surprised to learn that it was suddenly decided that you’d be the teacher.”


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. Check our previous report to learn more about its activities including fishing, cooking, and more.

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