Fire Emblem: Three Houses Introduces The Noble-Hearted Commoner Ashe

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses shared its latest character introduction with Ashe from the House of the Blue Lions, who studies and trains hard so that he can become a great man like his adoptive father.


Ashe (CV: Yuuki Inoue)

House: Blue Lions

The adopted son of Lord Lonato of the Gaspard region in the kingdom. Ashe shows nothing but respect and gratitude for Lord Lonato, who raised him as his own son despite being born a commoner. He’s a serious young man who studies and trains hard in order to become a great man like his adoptive father.


Here’s a video showing the protagonist’s encounter with Ashe:


“It is thanks to my adoptive father Lord Lonato that a commoner such as myself is able to enroll in the Officer’s Academy. He’s kind yet strict, and mirrors the image of a knight… I hope to become an adult like him one day.”


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Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. Check here for more details on the family-inherited “Crests,” and gauntlet weapons. You can also check our previous report for a look at various ways to teach students in the game.

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