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Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Jeritza Can Now Talk to Bernadetta and Constance

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One of Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ professors has become more sociable. With the release of Cindered Shadows came an update that made a big change in possible Jeritza supports. The character can now talk to four different people at the academy, instead of just two.

In the Black Eagles Crimson Flower route for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Jeritza can eventually be recruited. Now, if existing Black Eagles member Bernadetta is around or you have recruited the Cindered Shadows character Constance, you can unlock Jeritza supports with both of them. Both can go up to A-rank, meaning you can see three conversations with each of them.

Back when the third wave of Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC was released, Jeritza was added as a playable character on a specific route for everyone. However, he wasn’t that sociable. In addition to both the male and female versions of Byleth, there was only one other person among the Jeritza supports. Byleth remains the only S-rank support option for Jeritza.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available for the Nintendo Switch. The Cindered Shadows expansion is now available.

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