Fire Emblem Three Houses post-timeskip character acrylic merchandise
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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Post-Timeskip Merchandise Revealed

Intelligent Systems revealed that Empty Co., Ltd. is working on a new lineup of Fire Emblem: Three Houses merchandise. The list will include acrylic stands and keychains featuring illustrations of characters in Three Houses‘ post-timeskip adult era.

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One of the main highlights of this collection will be the full-artwork acrylic stands that cost 1,650 yen (~$10.55) individually. The lineup will feature scaled artwork of Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. The stands’ heights will range from 112.5 mm (~4.4 in) to 147 mm (~5.8 in), with Dimitri’s stand being the tallest as the measure includes his spear.

There will also be acrylic keychains that cost 660 yen (~$4.23) apiece. This collection will feature not only the above three characters but also every key character from the three houses, as well as the Church of Seiros-affiliated character Cyril.

Forty new pixel art acrylic figures will complete the lineup. While these items will also cost 660 individually, people can opt to purchase a 10-in-1 box that costs 6,600 yen (~$42.25). This set will also include members of the Ashen Wolves, the Garreg Mach Academy staff, and the player-controlled protagonist Byleth. However, unlike the first two, this collection will instead use the earlier character sprites from the academy era.

A majority of Fire Emblem: Three Houses merchandise has been modeled after the pre-timeskip academy era appearances. However, this collection is not the first one to feature the post-timeskip era. In 2022, SuperGroupies released bags inspired by adult versions of characters like Linhardt, Sylvain, Lysithea, and Yuri.

The new Fire Emblem: Three Houses merchandise lineup will be available in Japan in late July 2024.

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