Fire Emblem: Three Houses Shows Off Beast Battles, Tournaments, And Confirms Same-Sex Relationships

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We’re around two weeks off from Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ release, and Famitsu has once again featured the upcoming strategy game, this time focusing on fights against humongous wild beasts, as well as some Monastery features not shown off yet.


Demonic Beasts

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Demonic beasts appear in many variations, and they are large enough that they take up several tiles on the map.


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Even trained combatants like the protagonist are sure to struggle against these fearsome creatures, and it’ll take combined efforts in order to bring them down. These beasts have protection that must be broken (shown with yellow tiles), and also have multiple stocks of HP.

One of the ways to deal with their protection is the use of effective weaponry, Combat Arts, or Gambits. When broken, their defenses are lowered, and they enter a confused state where they are unable to counterattack one battle encounter. Each tile is its own protection, and when all yellow tiles are broken, they enter a Armor Break state that renders them unable to move, and also makes them drop rare items.


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At the same time, demonic beasts will charge up AOE attacks that are extremely powerful. If any armor tiles remain, they will regenerate all of them.



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The Fire Emblem series’ traditional Arenas return with a twist – it’s a monthly tournament held at the Monastery’s training grounds, with each month featuring a different weapon. If your chosen house’s students win, they will earn a grand prize. Unlike previous Arenas, you have two chances to heal a certain amount of HP.


Other Areas

Audience Chamber

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One of the most important places in the monastery, where Rhea usually is found.


Knight’s Quarters

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The place where the Knights of Seiros are found. You can engage in Faculty Training to improve your skills with the Knights’ teaching here.



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The stable is where the horses are kept, and while there isn’t much to see, you might find some students who like horses here.



fe3h monsters 36

The giant library where you can find information on Fodlan history and info on the Church of Seiros.


Student Dorms

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The students’ private dorm rooms, where you can take a look at how they’ve furnished it, and sometimes get some EXP from reading their books on their interests.


Personal Room

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This is where you’ll find your room, which also has a Notice Board where you can accept quests. Rumors say that there are voices of a young girl coming from this room.


amiibo Gazebo

These amiibo Gazebo will appear randomly when strolling through the monastery if you’ve scanned an amiibo. If you use Fire Emblem amiibo, you can get rare rewards!


Lost Spirits

As previously detailed, if you play the game while connected to the internet, you may receive lost spirits from other players on tiles where units were lost. Fighting there will allow you to receive items and more, as a tradeoff for the fact that it might be a bad spot to be at.


Exchange Students

You can receive exchange students from other players, and you can either buy items for a cheaper price, play a minigame with them, and more with them.


Same-sex relationships

It has been confirmed by Nintendo via USGamer that same-sex relationships are possible with certain characters, although who they are have not been revealed.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses will come to the Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019. You can learn about The House of the Black Eagles here and The House of the Blue Lions here. The opening cutscene has been shown off here.

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