Fire Emblem: Three Houses Super Groupies Collaboration Announced


Super Groupies will be releasing a line of Fire Emblem: Three Houses accessories. This includes bags, wallets, and shoes inspired by the latest entry in the series. These individual items will not only be color-coordinated based on the individual characters and houses, but also display designs inspired by their time at the Officer’s Academy. Each bag will cost ¥13,800 or $130, while wallets will cost ¥9,800 or roughly $92. Men’s shoes will cost ¥19,800 or $186, and women’s shoes will cost ¥16,800 or $158. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

As you can see below, all items will carry some kind of detail design that best reflects Claude, Byleth, Edelgard, or Dimitri. These includes embossed designs on the wallets, special crests, and the charms attached to every bag. Unfortunately, Super Groupies will only be releasing a line of shoes for Byleth in this Fire Emblem: Three Houses collection. Additionally, the designs reflected are only those inspired by the class uniforms of the Golden Deer, Black Eagles, and Blue Lions.

Check out the Fire Emblem: Three Houses collaborative items below. Each of these items are well-crafted, as Super Groupies tends to use premium materials.

Pre-orders for these items will last until October 5, 2020 and they are expected to ship at the end of January 2021. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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