Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Weekend Activities Include Fishing, Cooking With Students, And More

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The second half of Famitsu‘s scoop on Fire Emblem: Three Houses focuses on the weekends and what you can do, as well as Free missions, Side missions, and more.


Weekend activities

During weekends, you are able to do a variety of things. Options like Shop are self-explanatory, while Skip is an option that lets you skip past the weekend free time and let the AI decide what you do during the weekend.


Taking a Stroll

One of the things you can do during the weekends is take a stroll around campus and get to know your students’ a bit more and deepen your relationship, as well as see what they do in their free time.



The game has quests that you can tackle by choosing them on the notice board. By talking to the quest giver and fulfilling the objective, you can get rewards and renown.


Teacher’s Training

Another option during weekends is to go through Teacher’s Training with your peers, focusing on learning particular Skill levels depending on the teacher’s subject of expertise.



Fishing is a casual timing minigame where the idea is to press the A button when the timing is right. Life gauges pop up and the timing to get things right will get tougher and tougher as the fish depletes its stamina.

When you get fish, you can sell it as an ingredient or use it yourself in cooking.


Cooking & Mess Hall

Speaking of cooking, the Mess Hall makes a return in this game as a place you can cook and eat at. For cooking, you just choose a dish you can make, and if you would like to, you can invite students to go cooking as well.

By eating food, you are able to gain more SP used to unlock skills.


You can also invite up to two students and staff to the Mess Hall, and the Support between the three of you will increase. It’s a nice way to work towards increasing your instructor level.

During special days, some special menu options will be available, and by ordering them, you will be able to see special mini events.


Greenhouse Gardening

At the Greenhouse, you are able to plant seeds, choose a nurturing program, and eventually, you’ll be able to harvest the rewards. Seeds you can grow include ingredients used for cooking, and you can also combine seeds to get different crops. Flowers can also be grown and then given as gifts.



By pressing R anytime while strolling, you are able to bring up a minimap that tells you where people are, where the quest giver is (assuming you have taken one), and more. You can also fast travel to any part of the Monastery you’ve been to before.



Similar to Teacher’s Training, you can have other teachers take the reins and teach up to six students in a certain skill. You can also choose your own character as one of the students with this option.


Skirmishes & Sidequests

During weekends, you can partake in skirmishes that act as free battle maps to gain experience. This is especially true for Normal Mode, where there will always be one Free map that doesn’t consume points to play.

Additionally, there are limited-time sidequests that feature different students, where you get to see and know more about their personalities and interactions. For example, in one sidequest we find out that Raphael’s parents have passed away, having been killed by Terrors.

Finishing sidequests will reward you with items and battalions related to the characters involved.



Finally, you have the Rest option, where you basically spend the entire weekend recuperating and getting energized for the work week. While not beneficial to your skills or abilities, your students will come back with increased motivation.


Character Personal Skills & Crests

At the very end of the Famitsu info, we have a list of Personal Skills and Crests for several of the characters introduced over the past week, as well as one new character who hasn’t been introduced thus yet.



Personal skill: Self-confidence – When HP at max, Hit & Avoid +15

Crest: Minor Crest of Cichol



Personal skill: Paranoia – When HP is below max, Atk +5

Crest: Minor Crest of Indech



Personal skill: Live to Serve – When healing others with White magic, user is restored by the same amount of HP restored to others.

Crest: Minor Crest of Lamine



Personal skill: Survival knowledge – Can open doors and chests without a key



Personal skill: Scavenger – At the beginning of turn, has Luck% of recovering 10% of health.


Lysithea (CV: Aoi Yuuki)

The eldest daughter of the house of Duke Cordelia. She’s the youngest student, and a magical prodigy.

Personal skill: Genius – Gains 2x Skill EXP

Crest: Minor Crest of Charon


Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases for Nintendo Switch on July 26, 2019.

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