Fire Emblem Warriors Will Mostly Feature Heroes From Shadow Dragon, Awakening, And Fates

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Nintendo and Koei Tecmo revealed more information on Fire Emblem Warriors, the upcoming action game by Team Ninja for Nintendo Switch and 3DS, in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima.]



  • Sion (CV: Yuma Uchida)
  • Lian (CV: Maaya Uchida)


The two are twins, and it’s also pretty cool to see they got Yuma Uchida and his older sister Maaya to voice the siblings. It appears as though they use a shield and sword as their main weapons.


Guest Characters

  • Marth (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa) from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
  • Chrom (CV: Tomokazu Sugita) from Fire Emblem Awakening


Original Characters

  • Darius (CV: Takuya Satou)
  • Yuana (CV: Yuka Nagayoshi)


Here are highlights from an interview with the developers:


  • The game’s development started prior to Famitsu’s Musou collaboration survey.


  • The first thing that was decided on was to “make a Musou that is fun for Fire Emblem fans.”


  • Fire Emblem’s basic elements such as the weapon triangle, strategic elements, and unit classes will be in the game.


  • It’ll be fully-voiced and have plenty of lines from all the characters. Intelligent Systems is supervising for character settings and such.


  • Characters appearing will mostly be from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Fire Emblem Fates. It won’t be the kind of game where all the main characters from the entire series get together.


  • The reason for this is because if you put a bunch of protagonists together then it’ll be nothing but sword-wielding characters.


  • Since there’s an element to the game that involves switching around characters, they hope to have you play with all kinds of weapons and classes.


  • The number of participating characters ended up being the most of any other Musou collaboration title’s first entry.


  • You’ll get to play as archers and magic-type characters.


  • While more information about the world setting can’t be shared for now, they say that it’ll go something along the lines of being called forth by a “Shield of Fire” in this world and going beyond space and time.


  • There will be elements that will for example make your Archer do extra damage while attacking a Pegasus Knight.


  • Cavaliers and other horse-mounted units will always fight on a mount. They’re designing such classes to keep their high-mobility appeal.


  • As for support conversations, there will be something similar called the “Bond Conversation.” They already have an enormous amount of text prepared for the game, which will feature conversations ranging from serious to silly.


  • There won’t be a marriage system. Think of it as characters just becoming friends, as there won’t be any romantic developments.


Fire Emblem Warriors launches in Fall 2017 for Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

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