Fire Pro Wrestling World’s Character Creator Is Already Extensive




When you think of Early Access games, how complete do you expect the title to be? Do you expect the bare basics to be there, perhaps with a few extra modes? Or do you think it will be fuller? With Fire Pro Wrestling World, Spike Chunsoft’s wrestling game, what people get is rather satisfying. It is a fully playable game. But what’s especially astonishing is how robust the editor is. While the description on Steam says the basic tools are there, you can do a surprisingly wide amount of things and put together some very detailed characters with what is already there.


Where Fire Pro Wrestling World may first surprise you is with the range of items available to create and use in the game. The editor allows you to create wrestlers, referees, teams, rings, and belts. While there are getting to be hundreds of options in every category yet, there is a more than respectable number of variations. Especially when you factor in layering for characters. Enough to, at the very least, spend a half hour on each character. I spent about an hour on my Incineroar character, since that was my first exposure to the editor and all of its parts. R.Mika took about half an hour, especially since I only customized her profile and appearance.




Let’s go with a wrestler, just to get into the staggering amount of options for a Fire Pro Wrestling World character. When you get into the edit section, you have Wrestler Name and Profile, Wrestler Appearance, Skill, Paramete, Moveset, and CPU Logic. When you go into their appearance, you get to edit their stance, size, costumes, proportions, and skin color. The specific parts of the body that can be customized are the character’s face, chest, waist, upper arm, forearm, calf, thigh, hand, and feet. Each of those parts can have nine layers to them, allowing for various costume details. There are tons of skills you can customize under Skill, like Charisma, Fight Style, Recovery and Breathing rates, Spirit, Speed, Endurance for various parts, and even favorite weapons. Parameter lets you determine the power of things like Punch, Kick, Throw, Joint, Stretch, Power, Agility, Arm, Technical, Rough, MMA Overall, and Entertain. There are over 90 options to set up in Moveset. There are 28 situations you can set up in for its AI in CPU Logic. It is a staggering amount of customization.

The other editors aren’t as detailed, in terms of how the characters behave, but still are pretty extraordinary even in this Early Access state. With Referees, you can set their appearance of course, with as many layer and options. You can also set their Down Time, Fall Count, DQ Count, and Ringout Count speeds, Move Speed, Run-in Check, and Involvement. You can also set a general voice. The Belts and Rings have cosmetic options. But then, they don’t have to be as detailed. It’s the wrestlers that require that extra care in Fire Pro Wrestling World.




Due to the time it takes, I have two characters I have attempted to cobble together in Fire Pro Wrestling World with what is currently available in the editor. One is John Cenya, an Incineroar. Everything except his CPU Logic has been adjusted, making for a Lariat-heavy wrestler. The other is a take on R.Mika. Due to the amount of time it takes to create such characters, her appearance is the only part of her that has been customized, However, I will be going back to customize her Moveset, Skills, and Parameters. They both certainly pale in comparison to the other characters other people who have spent many more hours with the game.


Fire Pro Wrestling World is a staggering game. Even now, when it is still a product in development and probably a few months out from launch. The editors already are more than admirable. They allow us to do some amazing things. The resemblance it is capable of is quite remarkable, even now. It’s a bright start.


Fire Pro Wrestling World is immediately available via Steam Early Access for PCs. It will come to the PlayStation 4 in 2017.

Jenni Lada
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