First Chapter Of Friend-Making Adventure 1bitHeart Now Available In English

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VGPerson known for translating the likes of Ib, The Witch’s House, Mad Father, and many others from Japanese into English. Now she’s in the process of translating △○□× (Miwashiba)’s friend-making adventure game 1bitHeart into English.


It’s about a young boy called Nanashi, described as a “reclusive boy in a high-tech world governed by programs.” His hideaway lifestyle ends one day as a girl suddenly appears in his room and tells him to go outside to make friends. Nanashi agrees, but strange happenings start to happen around town as he begins to wander around it.



Currently, only the first chapter of the game has been released in both Japanese and English. But you can download them both right now. The Japanese version is available on its official website. While the English translation can be downloaded from VGPerson’s website.


You need to make sure that you’ve installed both the MS Gothic and Misaki Gothic fonts included in the game folder in order to play the game.

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