The Last Story’s column on the Nintendo website has gone live and early details on the game’s setting are in.


The Last Story takes place on Luli Island, which is a small continent surrounded by mountains. The defenses on Luli Island are apparently preparing for some sort of enemy invasion. Lord Aruganan, ruler of the island, is in search of magic as a valuable source of power. Although the rest of the island is suffering from corruption and decay, the town of Luli alone remains prosperous and wealthy, as is it surrounded by a mysterious magic. Due to this magic, the fate of the island is going to be changed forever.


On the blog, director Hironobu Sakaguchi mentions that The Last Story won’t be heavily influenced by sci-fi. Luli Island is exposed to an abundance of sunshine and materials like metal are in scarcity.


Something to note: Initially, everyone thought Nobuo Uematsu would be composing for this game, judging by the very first piece of music on the teaser site. The music on the column, however, gives off a distinctly Yasunori Mitsuda vibe. Is it just me?


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Ishaan Sahdev
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