First Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Boss Deck Arrives in March


Boss Fights are coming to Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. Square Enix revealed the Multiplayer Challenge Boss Deck Chaos, which will launch on March 5, 2021. This is a multiplayer experience where between two and three players with normal decks will face one person using a Boss Deck.

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Boss Fight concept isn’t new. As pointed out on the announcement page, people could fight staff in this format. This just allows people to do so on a personal level with an 80-card deck that has varying difficulty levels. Bosses like Final Fantasy’s Chaos, Final Fantasy II’s Emperor Mateus, and Final Fantasy III’s Cloud of Darkness all show up as possible foes.

As noted on the page, the “as-is” version of the deck could be used with people who would be considered beginners. However, you have the 17 extra cards you can pop in to adjust and alter the difficulty.

Here’s the official deck breakdown from the site:

  • 67 Boss Fight-specific cards that are specific to the Boss Fight cannot be used in regular Constructed format matches.
  • 33 Reprinted cards from various booster packs. All of the reprinted cards can be used in regular Constructed format matches.
  • 3 Reprinted Legendary cards for Vayne [2-026L], Kuja [6-027L], and Sephiroth [7-034L].

Here are some of the Multiplayer Challenge Boss Deck Chaos cards.

The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is immediately available, with an array of different decks out there for people to grab. The Boss Deck Chaos release is set for March 5, 2021.

Jenni Lada
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