First Fire Emblem Heroes Attuned Characters Are Peony and Triandra
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First Fire Emblem Heroes Attuned Characters Are Peony and Triandra

There is a new kind of Attuned character type in Fire Emblem Heroes, and that also means a new sort of inheritance. These new units have an X skill slot with an additional ability. Like a Rearmed Hero, you can inherit once without losing that person, thus allowing a character who doesn’t have an X skill to get one. The first two units of this type in Fire Emblem Heroes are Peony and Triandra, the Ljósálfar and Dökkálfr. 

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Peony is an axe-wielding, flying unit. Her weapon is the axe Flower of Caring. She’s also still a dancer-class unit, with a Tender Dream ability that lets an ally act again. Her X skill is Attack Oath Echo, which boosts her attack by six and lets her move to a space adjacent to an ally if she is within two spaces of an ally. Meanwhile, Triandra is a sword-bearing, flying unit. She holds the Flower of Tribute. Her X skill is Death Blow Echo, which boosts her attack by four if she initiates combat.

As mentioned earlier, the first banner to add them will include two other characters. Rearmed Sonya is an infantry unit who holds a green Arc Caliburnus tome. Mycen is a cavalry unit with a blue lance. 

Here’s the first Fire Emblem Heroes trailer for the Attuned Heroes Peony and Triandra, which also shows Rearmed Sonya and Mycen. 

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices, with the first Attuned characters banner available now.

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