First Gameplay Arrives From Dark Norse Fantasy Action-RPG Eitr



Let’s just go right out and say it: Eitr has the pixel majesty of, say, Hyper Light Drifter, but the heavy, stamina-based combat of Dark Souls. Now that’s out of the system, let’s have a look at what else this game promises.


Its story is based on Norse mythology. In fact, the title “Eitr” refers to a black poisonous substance that has found its way inside Yggdrasil, which is the World Tree that connects the nine Norse worlds.


The result of this happenstance is that each of the Norse worlds have been infected with darkness. Which, yes you guessed it, seems to have manifested in large undead rats and skeleton warriors, if the gameplay footage is anything to go by.


You play a Shield Maiden as she fights her way through dark dungeons and all the filth inside of them. As said, combat is stamina-based, so you need to keep that in mind while swinging her sword, blocking, and dashing.


You can also use buffs and potions to help you out during combat if necessary. Just in case the Dark Souls influence wasn’t strong enough, you also recover the Shield Maiden at bonfires scattered around the world.


Eitr is being developed in Unity, so there’s a chance it could be ported to many different platforms without too much hassle, including PC and consoles. You can keep up with the game on its development log.

Chris Priestman