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First Hayarigami Will Get A 99% Off Sale On Japanese PlayStation Store Starting May 19



To commemorate the release of Shin Hayarigami 2 on PS Vita, Nippon Ichi Software recently held a Twitter retweet campaign to drop down the price of the first Hayarigami on the Japanese PlayStation Store.


The campaign started on April 21 and will end on May 6, and the objective was to retween this tweet by Nippon Ichi as many times possible, to bring down the price by x0.01% for each RT. As it turns out, it didn’t need all the days of the campaign for it to hit over 99,000 RTs, meaning the campaign has reached its max of 99%.


That said, Hayarigami Portable which originally released on PSP will be available for 99% off on the Japanese PlayStation Store. For those of you curious to check it out, it’s normal price of 2,263 yen will be slashed down to about 23 yen once the discount goes live starting May 18 through June 1, and you’ll be able to get it here. The game can also be downloaded and played on PS Vita.

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