First Look At Ar No Surge’s Grown Up Ion And Cas, Battle System Details

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Atelier makers Gust recently revealed that Ion and Cas from Ciel NoSurge will be part of their upcoming game, Ar NoSurge, an RPG with unique two-man battles. Earleir today, Gust shared a first look at the game, as well as battle system details and character designs.


Felion was formerly a labor camp for the Cold Sleep Pod, but it is now a proper city bustling with people. After the heaven ruler princess had awakened after her thousand year sleep, it had come to her knowledge that there were others living outside the partition wall that blocks the entrance of Felion.


Since then, she had freed the city, and it had become what we see in the above images.


The PLASMA are an organization that serves under the heaven ruler princess, consisting of an ancient race who’ve awakened from a cold-sleep. Their main duty is to protect the people living outside the wall from Sharl assaults.


As previously reported, the battle system will revolve around a two-man team, where the hero will have to protect the heroine, who can perform powerful song magic. Utilizing skills and attacking enemies will increase your Harmonics level, used to activate the heroine’s song magic.


An important part of Ar NoSurge’s action-based combat, will be timing your defense in order to reduce your overall damage taken. This is done by pressing the guard button just before the heroine is about to get hit.


The higher your burst value is from your attacks, the more your Harmonics Gauge will increase. The hero, who is in the frontlines, will have access to various skills which further increases the gauge than basic attacks. Increasing your Harmonics level will also make it possible for the heroine to assist with song magic.


Song magic comes in various forms. In addition to offensive use in combat, it can be used to start fires, or heal he injured; however, it is said that those who can use song magic in the world of Ar NoSurge are very scarce.


Here’s a look at some creatures who are part of song magic:


It has yet to be revealed on how they’ll be a part of song magic, but 4Gamer mentions that characters will have their own song magic.


Finally, we have a look at Ar NoSurge’s two heroines from Ciel NoSurge, including their 3D models and artwork:




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Ar NoSurge is slated for release on January 30, 2014, for PlayStation 3.

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