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First Look At Nippon Ichi’s Adorable Vita Game Where You Play As A Firefly


Nippon Ichi recently revealed  new PlayStation Vita title, called htol#NiQ, or Firefly’s Diary, where you’ll be playing as a firefly who’ll be guiding a young girl named Mion through the darkness. We now have a first look at the game, and it looks rather pretty.


December 31st, 9999. A rain of scrap iron.


At the very bottom of the dark ruins, lies a small shack that’s waiting to be crushed at any moment.

Inside, Mion awakens.


Not knowing where she is or what she’s doing there, Mion is puzzled and frightened.

“When she looks at me, it’s almost as if she senses some kind of nostalgia, as she expresses relief.”

“I need to get her out of here.”


The world outside the small shack is merciless. By herself, Mion could be crushed in the shadow of the debris.

“However, I can expel those shadows.”

“I shall continue leading Mion higher… and higher.”


“Because I have a reason for taking this child with me.”


Here’s a brief introduction of the characters:



Mion is a young girl who wakes up in the middle of some ruins. She has lost her memories, and is led by the Firefly’s light, as she travels across the ruins.




The firefly will be leading Mion, who woke up in the ruins, to the outside world. It’s almost as though its movements are being controlled by someone else’s will, and it remains unknown as to why it’s trying to help Mion.


Shadow Firefly:


While traveling through the ruins, this is another Firefly that Mion encounters. It also has the same intention to get Mion back to the outside world. It’s a mysterious existence that lives within the “shadows”.



htol#NiQ is an action game that uses the PlayStation Vita’s front and back touch features as a way to help Mion escape from the ruins. The player will take control of the Firefly and guide her out, while performing other actions.


The world is split into two: the light and shadow worlds. You’ll be switching between the two, as the front touchscreen will be used to control the Firefly, while the touchpad on the back will be used for the Shadow Firefly, who’ll be moving objects and other things to help clear stages.


In addition to all the living creatures in the dark ruins, the place is also crawling with all kinds of “shadows”. If they find Mion, they’ll immediately dart towards her and try to take her life. It’ll be up to you to control the Fireflies and guide her to safety.


Shadows crawling in the closed ruins. A girl who wakes up inside. Why are the Fireflies trying to help the girl escape? Perhaps once Mion steps out of the ruins, this mystery may be solved.


Here’s a look at some of the artwork for the game’s areas:





htol#NiQ will see a retail release with a 6,264 yen premium package box that includes an art book, soundtrack, and a set of two Mion badges. A standard download version will cost 3,086 yen.


htol#NiQ will be released on June 19, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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