First Part Of Fan-Made “A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country” Is Out Now



One fan going by the name Igor F. has spent his holidays and evenings of the past several years working on a passion project called A Tribute To Donkey Kong Country, and it has now seen its first part released.


“The aim was to try to do a Donkey Kong game in high definition, trying to keep as much as possible the look and feel of the original Donkey Kong Country game from Super Nintendo,” writes Igor F. on the project’s website.


The result is 13,000+ lines of code, 1,000+ game assets, including 20+ Characters with 120+ animations, 200+ 3D objects, 400+ textures, 30+ particles effects, and 12 levels. That’s a lot of work for a single person.


Alas, we are now on the other side of some of that work and can indulge what it brings. And so, if you want to play the first world and eight levels of A Tribute To Donkey Kong, you can download it for free on its website for Windows and Mac.

Chris Priestman