First-Person Shooter Strafe Takes You Back To 1996 In First Footage [Update]

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Pixel Titans has recently released two videos for its upcoming ‘90s-core gory first-person shooter Strafe due to putting the game up on Kickstarter. The studio is seeking $185,096 in funding in order to make the game by June 2016.


The first video that you can watch above is footage of one the team trying to play through a single level. I say “trying” as, apparently, they died several times during this effort, and so the video is pieced together by bits of each unsuccessful run.


You’ll get a decent first look at the game’s procedural sci-fi levels, gory shooting, and its “bleeding-edge” graphics. It turns out that you need to select one of three guns to run through each level at the beginning, too. The idea here is to create a game that feels like it was made in 1996, with the fast-paced and violent shooting of games like Quake – there are hidden secrets, monster closets, and power-ups for weapons.



Now, as to the video above, that’s the game’s live-action trailer. As you’ll see when watching it, it’s been made to emulate the “extreme” commercials common in the ‘90s, especially those made to promote games. It’s a lot of fun as a throwback to that.


To get yourself a copy of Strafe you’ll want to pledge $15 or more to the game’s Kickstarter. For $25 you can get the game’s soundtrack and the team’s thanks. And at $45 you can get “early shareware access” to the game.

Update: This article has been updated to include details about the developer’s $15 tier.

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