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First Real Look At Crimson Shroud, Yasumi Matsuno’s Guild01 RPG


Tactics Ogre developer, Yasumi Matsuno, is developing one-fourth of a Level 5 game for the Nintendo 3DS, titled Guild01. Matsuno’s part of the game is a tabletop RPG for the 3DS, and is called Crimson Shroud. Level 5 updated the Guild01 website with information on the game today.


In Crimson Shroud, you play as Giaque (above), who’s referred to as a “Chaser” in his late 20s. No, not the Quidditch position. Chasers are people who track down goods and other individuals for a profession.


Along with Giaque are two other characters. A screenshot (below) depicts the three of them battling a monster together. The screen above is of a dungeon.



Since Crimson Shroud attempts to emulate a tabletop RPG, dice rolls are involved in some form. The game’s story is told in a visual novel-like format, shown below. Hitoshi Sakimoto is handling the music for the music. You can also take a peek at a map of one of the areas in the game below, called Rahab Palace:



And finally, some concept art:




That’s about all we have on Crimson Shroud so far. We’ll keep an eye out for more information as it’s made available. The other three games in Guild01 are: Maiden Liberation (shoot-em-up by Suda51), Air Porter (baggage collection game by Seaman creator Yoot Saito), and Weapon Rental Shop de Omasse.

Ishaan Sahdev
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