First Screenshots Of Capcom Classic Revival Pang Adventures Arrive


    Pang Adventures 01

    DotEmu and Pastagames will be showing off Pang Adventures – their revival of Capcom’s arcade game Buster Bros. – at Paris Game Week between October 29th and November 1st. To celebrate this fact the studios have released the first screenshots of the game.


    As you can see, the original format and look of Buster Bros. has been retained for the most part. The biggest changes are the HD art. It looks like a second player can join in at any time to as they just need to “Push X to jump in!”

    Pang Adventures 02Pang Adventures 03

    The idea in Pang Adventures is to help two brothers stop a bunch of balloons from attacking the world’s landmarks. They do this by firing a harpoon directly up to pop the balloons – some remain still, others bounce around and split in two, and some may be boss balloons.


    Pang Adventures will be coming to PC, consoles, and mobile once it’s released.

    Chris Priestman

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