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First Sonic Frontiers Patch Will Fix Major and Minor Bugs

sonic frontiers patch

Sega released its first major patch for Sonic Frontiers, and it will fix two major bugs. This patch is only for PS4 and PS5 players. Sega plans on releasing the patch for other consoles and regions in the near future. More information on the schedule will appear on the official Twitter account for Sonic.

Before the patch, players may encounter two bugs. The first one is that the boss on Kronos Island may disappear if you retry the fight. The second one is that a large gimmick on Chaos Island may still appear on the map as “unsolved,” even if you already solved it. This patch will fix both of these issues in the PlayStation versions of Sonic Frontiers. Patch 1.10 will also fix random crashing bugs, audio issues, and other minor performance issues. Sega also improved the UI and added some gameplay optimizations. It has also improved the general stability of the game.

While Sega has stated that Patch 1.10 is only for PS4 and PS5 players thus far, Tails’ Channel and Push Square reported that it will appear on Xbox and Windows PC as well. However, TheGamer stated that the Xbox Series X version of Sonic Frontiers does not yet have the patch to fix bugs. It is likely that PC and Xbox will simply get the patch before the Nintendo Switch version of the game. But until Sega says anything, only PlayStation players will get the patch for now.

Sonic Frontiers is the newest entry in the Sonic franchise, emphasizing its open-world concept and its RPG format. Sega recently announced a free DLC for the game that will allow Sonic to grill meat and wear Monster Hunter-inspired outfits. You can read our review of Sonic Frontiers here.

Sonic Frontiers is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch. Patch 1.10 for Sonic Frontiers will only be for the PlayStation consoles until further announcements from Sega.

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