Street Fighter V Akira gameplay

First Street Fighter V Akira Gameplay Revealed

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Capcom included surprise Akira gameplay footage during its Street Fighter V Spring Update livestream. The reveal came as a last-minute stinger after an already packed presentation. Akira will be the fourth character in the game’s Season 5 Pass.

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The Street Fighter V Spring 2021 Update primarily focused on Rose and Oro, but Akira got a bonus moment too. Capcom showed off some devastating combos against none other than resident punching bag, Dan. In addition, even the surprise reveal had its own reveal at the end. Akira got a little help from a certain someone during one of her special moves in the footage below.

Before the Akira gameplay reveal, Capcom’s Street Fighter V spring update livestream announced Rose’s release date. We also got a more in-depth look at her technical playstyle during the video.

The Spring Update 2021 presentation revealed a Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Premier Pass. Priced at $19.99, buyers will get a new stage, new costumes, titles, profile themes, and new colors for all 45 characters.

Street Fighter V is available now for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Akira will be the fourth character in the Season 5 pass after Dan, Rose, and Oro debut. To commemorate Rose’s upcoming release, the title is now on sale.

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