Pokemon tsurigumi fishing candies
Image via Bandai and The Pokemon Company

Fish Aquatic Pokemon with the New Tsurigumi Fishing Candy

Bandai, in collaboration with The Pokemon Company, will release new Pokemon versions of their tsurigumi fishing candy starting in August 2023. However, the candies will also appear from June 10, 2023 at select convenience stores in Japan. Each candy package costs 76 yen, which is about $0.50. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

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The main gimmick of the candy is to fish the Pokemon out by picking up the line and slowly pulling the creature out of the tray. The full lineup is distributed in three different levels of Pokemon, including one secret level ? Pokemon that hasn’t been revealed.

The full lineup of aquatic Pokemon you can get from the tsurigumi fishing candies are the following:

  • Magikarp (Level 1)
  • Remoraid (Level 1)
  • Poliwag (Level 2)
  • Carvanha (Level 2)
  • Staryu (Level 2)
  • Lumineon (Level 3)
  • Lanturn (Level 3)
  • Qwilfish (Level 3)
  • Gyarados (Level 3)
  • Relicanth (Level 3)
  • Tentacruel (Level 3)

You can take a better look at the candy in the gallery below.

Bandai already released a similar type of Pokemon candy back in April 2022, expect instead of focusing on aquatic creatures it focused on fossil Pokemon. The candy was a variation of Bandai’s kyarapaki candy.

The Pokemon tsurigumi fishing candies will appear in stores around Japan from August 2022, and in select convenience stores from July 10, 2023.

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