Fishing For Cats Steam Trailer screenshot of the main character fishing while surrounded by cats
Image via xigehong

Fishing for Cats Brings Park Fishing and Cats to Steam

Fishing for cats, a new game by the indie developer xigehong, will make its way to Steam on July 25, 2024. The game is described as “a third person casual game where players fish in the park and attract stray cats,” will be a realistic fishing sim set in a park full of cats.

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The title, Fishing for cats, also describes the core gameplay loop. Players will be angling for fish and feeding it to the local cats in the park, building a relationship with the many cats they will encounter. You will also be able swim in the lake, go for pleasant jogs around the park, and roast fish to entice the many felines that will be roaming about.

You can take a look at screenshots from the game below:

For those looking for other cat-centric games, Little Kitty, Big City released in 2024. One of several titles featuring cats as a key fixture, this title will have you playing as a cat, instead of trying to curry their favor with fish.

Fishing for cats will release for PC through Steam on July 25, 2024.

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