Fist Of Jesus Developers Kickstarting Super Micro Heroes

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Mutant Games, the Spanish developer behind games like Fist of Jesus, Safe: Code Breakers, Go! Go! Soccer: Run Run Run!, and Cell & Love: The Fun of Fusion have a new game on Kickstarter. The team is hoping to raise €10,000 ($11,164) by October 14 to make Super Micro Heroes, a ten player platformer inspired by games like Wario Ware and Super Smash Bros.

In Super Micro Heroes, the goal is to become the MicroKing of Micro Land. This role is determined by players’ performance across a variety of levels, with the goal being to be the best and richest survivor. Like Super Smash Bros, there are an assortment of items with various effects that both help and hinder players. It’s akin to Wario Ware in that there will be multiple, humorous situations and a variety of objectives for each level. Each Micro Hero will also be able to wear hats that influence their abilities.


The initial outlook suggests there will be four cups with five levels in each one to start in Super Micro Heroes. Mutant Games hopes to add more levels and items if the €20,000 ($22,681) stretch goal is reached, and provide an in-game level editor if €40,000 ($45,362)  is raised. A story mode will also be implemented if €150,000 ($170,107)  comes in. Damien “Sonotrigger” Sanchez will provide the chiptune-esque soundtrack.    


The Kickstarter project also has stretch goals that include iOS and Android ports at the €50,000 ($56,702) level, a Nintendo Wii U port at the €60,000 ($68,043) level, a Nintendo 3DS port at the €70,000 ($79,383) , a PlayStation Vita port at the €80,000 ($90,724) level, a PlayStation 4 port at the €90,000 ($102,064) level, and a Xbox One port at the €100,000 ($113,405) level. Version specific ports would have special features, like 3D graphics for the Nintendo 3DS, an Evil Mode for the Nintendo Wii U.


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Super Micro Heroes has a Windows, Mac, and Linux release planned and should be released in April 2016. It is also on Steam Greenlight. It will be €20 (~$22) at launch, but the minimum Kickstarter pledge required to acquire a copy is €5 (~$6) for a beta version and €10 (~$11) for the full game.

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