Five Years On, K-On Is Back With A New Music Game



It’s been about five years since K-On! blasted their music into our life in anime form. Now, Sega brings word it will be releasing K-On! After School Rhythm Selection, an arcade game based off K-On! After School Live. But first, a location test.



The arcade rhythm music title uses the same style of gameplay as After School Live and will go on location test from the 13th to the 15th of September in Japan. After School Rhythm Selection will also feature different versions of seven stages from the After School Live game and seven songs, which we take to mean that’s all you’ll get during the test. No word on final total songs just yet.



During the test, the game will allow players to pick up 46 different special K-On! cards, with scenes from the anime. These cards can be used in some way with the machine to get special voiceovers of the characters and there are, of course, rare cards to pick up. There’s also word that the clothes the characters are wearing on their cards will be reflected in-game and the on-screen characters can change uniforms.



K-On! After School Rhythm Selection will be out on arcades.