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Flare’s Odin Sphere Figure Sets Call Maury for a Tasty Meal

Odin Sphere

The PlayStation 2 classic Odin Sphere is known for a lot of things, like being one of the most notable of developer Vanillaware’s early releases and championing a lavish, singularly stylish 2D aesthetic. It’s also known for delicious food, and now you too can bring that energy into the physical realm with a new set of figures from Flare. The sets depict a feature from Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, the PS4 and Vita enhanced remasters of the original games. The figure sets are up for preorder, according to an announcement on Twitter, with an expected delivery window of February 2021:

The full figure sets comes in three varieties, each with a different Odin Sphere character as a customer. The characters are the game’s female leads: The swan-winged Valkyrie Gwendolyn, the fairy princess Mercedes, and the mysterious witch Velvet. All three options include Maury, the Pooka chef, and his Traveling Restaurant, an interdimensional eatery that can be summoned by ringing a special bell. When summoned in Odin Sphere, Maury cooks dishes that can convey all manner of stat boosts and beneficial combat effects. The Traveling Restaurant set also includes a table, stool, cooking tools, Maury’s backpack and bell, and various dishes modeled after their in-game artwork. The dishes include Egg on Toast, Napple Sorbet, Herb-Roasted Shrimp, Lamb Steak, Cream Stew, Vichyssoise, an Omelet, Pancakes, and a Ginger Biscuit. There are even ingredient items, like a Jug of Milk, a Lobster, and a selection of Odin Sphere‘s walking Mandragora creatures: The Onionne, Carroteer, Cubsbane, Turny, and Habaneristo.

Unfortunately for wallets everywhere, the full set of Flare’s Odin Sphere figures won’t come cheap. The asking price is 26,000 yen (about $250). Thankfully for more cash-strapped fans, the individua Gwendolyn, Mercedes, and Velvet figures (and their chairs) will also be sold individually for 7,000 yen (about $67) each. Someone looking to get everything on offer could theoretically order a single full set, and then buy the remaining two characters separately, so as not to wind up with duplicate kitchen sets. Then the three Odin Sphere girls could have a nice meal together at the ultimate pop-up dining experience.

Flare’s Odin Sphere Maury figures are available to pre-order from the official website and at retail locations in Japan until December 23, 2020. Their expected delivery date should fall in February 2021. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is immediately available on the PS4 and Vita and includes a playable version of the original version of Odin Sphere as part of the package.

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