Flewn Is An Interactive Story About A Whale On Stilts Searching For A Lost Ocean


Solo game creator Gabriel Smetzer has released his surreal interactive story Flewn. It’s available on the App Store for $3.99 right now and will soon be coming to Android.


Flewn follows an old whale as it walks on stilts across a desert in search of a lost ocean. Along the way, the whale meets other creatures struggling to survive, and helps them along by putting them on its back.


“The idea of an old whale on stilts embodies a feeling of empathic depth that I find compelling,” Smetzer said. “I really wanted to take the time to give the whale the dignity of a well crafted story for everyone to enjoy.”


You progress through Flewn by scrolling across the landscape while music, animation and text helps to tell the story. At times, you’ll also play as Frog on its “unicycopter,” flying around to eat flies and helping the whale on its journey.

Chris Priestman