Flight-Based Fighter Gravity Breakers Features Alien Oddities Duking It Out


Fighting game Gravity Breakers doesn’t chain its array of aliens, cyborgs, and space demons to the ground, giving players the freedom to fly and move around the match in a hurry as they look to smash their foes with their special abilities.


Gravity Breakers features an array of alien creatures on either side of a demonic threat to the galaxy. Each of these varied creatures offers their own movesets to use on their foes, although positioning before using these vicious moves will be key. Players are able to move all around the match areas at will, flying all over the map as they dodge or set themselves up to land their various super moves.

Gravity Breakers is looking to offer one- to four-player matches between eight characters and across eight maps. It will offer online matches as well as local battles, although its current Early Access state offers local matches for one to two players using three fleshed-out characters.


Gravity Breakers is available in an Early Access state through

Alistair Wong
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