Floppy Disks Invoke Mechas, Grant Combat Powers, And Can Be Surfed On In Narita Boy



Narita Boy is a popular game and console, but for one of its players, it’s about to become so much more, dragging them into a digital conflict within the confines of the console.




Narita Boy is an action/exploration game set inside the console, taking the unexpected hero to a computerized landscape where they must help the people of The Digital Kingdom against the forces of The Stallions. These creatures seek the power of Trichroma, the energy which fuels their world, and which the player will wield as a sword against them.


Players will set out into dozens of different environments, crossing stormy valleys and roaring seas as they strike down The Stallions. Some of these areas do not get much Trichroma energy, though, and players may find themselves assaulted by other forces that want to steal the energy from their sword.




In this digital world, the player has some modes of transportation to make movement quicker. They can surf on floppy disks, as well as ride a CRT monitor horse (that can double as armor with a quick transformation). Players can also create more powerful mecha through inserting a magical floppy disk into their chest, giving them even more power.


Players will also have access to several melee, ranged, and magical moves to use on the enemies they stumble across. Narita Boy’s sword combos offer attacks in multiple directions, allowing him to stay fluid in combat. He can also teleport, draw enemies close, or fires beams and bullets using spells or firearms.




As players steadily cross the world, they’ll find NPCs who will guide them, both in the narrative and towards the game’s collectible comic book pages and power-increasing floppy disks. Over time, the player may even discover the true source of the world’s woes, as well as the story behind the game’s mysterious genius creator, Lionel Pearl.


Narita Boy is set to release in 2018, and is currently raising funding on Kickstarter.

Alistair Wong
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