Fluffy Horde Drowns Tower Defenders In Vicious Bunnies



After being refused a home in the three kingdoms, a strange Shaman turns his rabbit-controlling powers to evil in Fluffy Horde, a tower defense game where players must protect themselves from an ever-growing horde of lethal bunnies.



Fluffy Horde’s developers are mum on what structures and defenses players will be building to protect themselves from the rabbits, only showing handfuls of archers trying to fight back in the preview trailer. A few other structures are shown as well, but it is unclear what purpose they serve in combat save for being devoured by the rabbit horde.


Players will have to endure some strange attacks from the rabbits, and can expect to be assaulted from all angles. In the preview trailer, Fluffy Horde features rabbits being rained down on the populace from dark clouds, hurling themselves from great heights to crash down on archers, or building up huge columns of themselves, forming damaging walls that will tear through whatever they encounter. The rabbits are a malleable foe, and despite being cute, fuzzy creatures, will be able to form many challenges for players.




Fluffy Horde promises seventy stages of various rabbit-themed battles, and all while fighting against a growing rabbit population meter in each area, which indicates an ever-growing, ever-shifting danger. The game is currently raising votes on Greenlight for a Steam release this Summer.

Alistair Wong
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