Your Flying Car Awaits You In Chaotic Survival Racer Distance



Refract Studios has announced that its survival racer Distance will be available on Steam Early Access on December 9th with a new trailer.


Distance has you racing across a neon-lit cybercity against opponents in a unique car that allows you to boost, jump, rotate, and fly. Yep, you can drive upside-down and along vertical walls, while flying lets you discover shortcuts across tracks.


Speaking of the tracks, they’re not laps in Distance but intense A to B races. As you progress through them, you’ll apparently be able to uncover the mysterious history of the twisted and chaotic world that you drive across.



Distance has single player modes and supports online multiplayer races. It’s the spiritual sequel to the freeware student-made game Nitronic Rush (which you can still download for free), and was successfully Kickstarted in November 2012.


You can find out more about Distance, as well as pre-order it right now, over on its website.

Chris Priestman