Flying Car Racing Game Looks Ridiculous With Virtual Reality

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Refract Studio has updated its flying car racing game Distance with virtual reality support and a cockpit view. It looks like it’ll be enough to make you puke inside your VR helmet.


The full change log for this latest update is here – in short, it adds better performance, faster level loading, UI revamp, a new physics engine, more level editor assets, and improvements to car customization and some game modes.


Of course, the “experimental” virtual reality support is the highlight and is what is mainly shown off in the new trailer, as you can watch above.


Given that most virtual reality games so far have been slow-paced in order to ensure that the player doesn’t puke, this is a pretty radical experiment by Refract – it’s fast, noisy, and erratic. From the cockpit of the car, you’re able to look around while the car flips and spins through the air either on the ground or when employing its wings and flying  through the air.


Let’s hope that not too many people get queasy while playing Distance in virtual reality. But it seems likely that many will.

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