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Flynn: Son of Crimson Modernizes the 2D Platformer


Sometimes you need a game in which the execution feels both simple and familiar. As a 2D platformer, Flynn: Son of Crimson is exactly that. From the start, the game is linear and direct with what you’re expected to do. It takes a lot of cues from the pixel platformers that precede it, while still creating an experience that feels fresh.

Immediately upon starting the game, you find out that the redhead protagonist Flynn has to take charge and save the town of Rosantica. From there, you have a magical looking dog companion, evil forces, and a villain that just isn’t good enough. It’s something I’m sure we’ve all been through before, but that’s because it works. Building a hero up from the start and growing stronger after each boss defeated or world explored makes games like this feel purposeful.

Flynn: Son of Crimson

While playing Flynn: Son of Crimson I never felt as though my time was being wasted. Combat in the game is simple, but easy to master, and progression happens at a steady pace. Even the movement is smooth enough that it’s almost unnoticeable. A lot of platformers run into the issue of making movement almost impossible as they attempt to make it feel unique. Flynn: Son of Crimson keeps it simple. Movement is quick, there’s one jump, and the 2D graphics never cause perspective issues. It’s just… nice.

Flynn Son of Crimson combat

Flynn: Son of Crimson really excels when it comes to its art style. 2D pixel games are common, especially with action platformers. And you can see how the art here is inspired by others. However, it is the cleanest, most detailed, and colorful pixel art I’ve seen in a minute. It’s simply stunning. Every area of the map had its own vibrant feel. Flynn’s character model and that of his dog are so beautiful and detailed that, in the first five minutes of playing, all I managed to do was take screenshots of them resting and running. When I think of this game, I think of its art style and the smoothness of every animation. Despite being reminiscent of the past, every aspect of it is modern.

Flynn Son of Crimson dialogue

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes Flynn: Son of Crimson feel so good to play, but it really just comes down to how easy it is to jump into it. It can be a challenging game, but with a rather linear storyline/map and combat that doesn’t take hours to master it’s a good time and a good way to play a game that still requires a bit of effort to make it to the next level. This is a simple and beautiful game. It’s nostalgic in essence while still feeling incredibly fresh and original. The soundtrack is both immersive and easy on the ears. I already know it’ll be my go to game after long work hours because it requires energy without being tiring. I appreciate it for that reason.

Flynn: Son of Crimson is available on PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass, the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Dani Maddox
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