FNaF World Pulled From Sale, Will Return As A Free Game



Scott Cawthon has pulled his turn-based RPG FNaF World from sale on Steam as he wasn’t “satisfied with the reviews and ratings it was getting.”


Despite it having a "Very Positive" rating with 87% of user reviews being positive, Cawthon perceived an increase in negativity towards his latest game compared to his Five Nights At Freddy’s series.


As FNaF World is no longer available on Steam, Cawthon has asked Valve to ensure that everyone who bought it can get a refund at any time, regardless of how much they’ve played it.


“I’m still going to work on FNaF World and polish it up,” Cawthon continues. “I’m busy creating a fully 3D overworld for the game.”


He also notes that when the game is ready to be updated he will replace the demo available on Game Jolt with the full game. “From this point forward, the game will always be free,” Cawthon says.

Chris Priestman