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FolksSoul Demo in June…for Japan



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If you have a master account in Japan or Hong Kong on your Playstation 3, you may want to consider downloading the FolksSoul demo.


GameWatch reports today that Sony has announced plans to release a demo for the action JRPG FolksSoul, slated for a June 21 release in Japan, for download on the Playstation Store. Not much is known as to how deep the demo will be; and by that, I mean what areas of the game are playable and what features will be highlighted in the game’s demo. Additionally, the opening theme to FolksSoul, which has no name yet, will be performed by the Japanese boy group Abingdon Boys School. A video will also be available for download on the Playstation Store. Talk about cool.


Did your summer on your PS3 just get a little better? I know mine did. 


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