Follow A Hospitalized Boy To A World Of Imaginary Adventure In Early 2017 With Rakuen



Rakuen, Laura Shigihara’s adventure game about an ill boy helping his hospital neighbors through his interactions with a magical fantasy world, is tentatively set to release in early 2017 according to its new Steam page.




Player who take on the role of the sick boy in Rakuen will be meeting their fellow patients at the hospital, learning about their lives. They can learn even more when they meet the alter-egos of those patients in the magic world from the boy’s favorite storybook. Through interacting with them in both worlds, the player will get to know them and help them settle the unfinished business of their lives.


To do so, the player will also have explore dungeons, solve room escape puzzles in unsettling places, and work through dialogue problems based on what they’ve learned. As they do so, they’ll build friendships and solve humorous, touching situations.




Players can wishlist the game now through the Steam page.

Alistair Wong
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