Forager Will Have Players Building Bases, Crafting Tools, And Finding Treasures

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Forager is a top-down game of creativity and construction, letting players build their own hideouts, craft their own gear, and develop their own empires when they’re not too sidetracked collecting items and fighting monsters.


Forager casts the player out into a generated world on each run, letting them collect items out in the world that they can use to create homes, items, potions, and other handy things. If they can’t find what they need or collect too much stuff, they can also build up their world’s economy through trade, making deals with NPCs to bolster an empire for themselves.

It’s not all collecting items, though, as players can find monsters and bosses to scrap with. Players will continually level up and get stronger as they play as well, so they’ll be able to tangle with progressively stronger stuff over the course of play. They can also get stronger by finding treasures through puzzle-solving as well.


Forager started out as a Game Jam game, and the developer is looking to bring a more extensive version of the game to Steam. Offering more abilities, treasures, skills, landscapes, events, secrets, monsters, and other features, it will give players who enjoyed the original version many more reasons to try the game again when it comes out this year.

A demo that hints at what Forager will become is available now on

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