Forbidden Magna Came From The Desire To Create Something New

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Marvelous AQL recently revealed a new strategy RPG they’re cooking up with the developers of Rune Factory. Titled Forbidden Magna, the game will feature a Valkyria Chronicles-like battle system, and the cute visual style of Harvest Moon with a side of inn management. 4Gamer gives us a closer look at the main character and friends.


The story of Forbidden Magna revolves around the innkeeper and protagonist, named Lux, who meets different “Spirits”. As he meets various Spirits and befriends them, Lux grows and becomes stronger over time.


One day, Lux meets a mysterious girl named Charlotte. While she seems to have lost her memories, she has very destructive powers. After spending some time together with Charlotte, Lux discovers a tremendous truth about the world, which starts putting things into action.


While you can check out detailed characters descriptions in our earlier report, here’s a closer look at Lux, along with his Spirit friends and their weapons of choice, in the form of screenshots.














Additionally, Forbidden Magna producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto also left a message for fans on the game’s recently opened official website:


“Looking back at it now, it was immediately after we finished developing Rune Factory 4, when I felt that I wanted to make something new, and those around me also voiced the same opinions. And that’s how the new challenge of Forbidden Magna came to be.


“Rather than going out on a journey, the stage is set in a place you’ll be returning to afterwards, as you befriend Spirits, and they’ll be living together with you as employees at the inn.


“We had some unexpected events occur in the midst of development, and while we did face some hardships, I’d like to thank the staff who gathered together for this challenge, from the bottom of my heart. As far you fans, I we’ll do our best to continue sharing the latest on the game. Thank you for your continued support.”


Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto


Forbidden Magna will be released sometime in 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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