Forest Pokemon 2 Toy Set led by Bulbasaur, Pinsir, Treecko, Butterfree

Forest Pokemon 2

Takara Tomy Arts released a new wave in its “Forest Pokemon” capsule toy line, which first debuted in February 2022. As with the first wave, the second set introduces a handful of new Pokemon from across the series to relax and play near a tree. The first set included Pikachu, Starly, Buneary, and Munchlax. The Forest Pokemon 2 set adds another iconic Pokemon, Bulbasaur, followed by fellow Generation I Pokemon Butterfree and Pinsir. Treecko from Pokemon Emerald represents Generation III [Thanks, Famitsu!].

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Each of the Forest Pokemon 2 toys comes with the Pokemon itself and a small model tree. The idea behind the set is to collect more than one, with the plastic “forest” growing thicker with each Pokemon purchased. Bulbasaur is seen cradling a toy duck in its vines. Butterfree sits on a grassy mound, Treecko reclines in the shade, and Pinsir stands guard in ready position. Butterfree’s tree also comes with a small grassy ring around its base. Each of the figures in the set stands at about 3.6cm (1.4 inches) tall, with the tree standing 8.8cm (3.5 inches) tall. The toys are available individually via capsule machines scattered throughout Japan, at a price of 300 Yen (about $2.20 USD) per attempt.

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Takara Tomy maintains an expansive selection of Pokemon toys, ranging from gacha prizes like the Forest Pokemon 2 set to plushies, stamps, and even the token-based arcade title Pokemon Mezastar. Another current line of Pokemon gacha prizes is the Pokemon Petanko Mascot series, which features flattened charm-style Pokemon figures.

The Forest Pokemon toy sets are available through capsule machines in Japan.

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