Forget Twitch Plays Pokemon, Here’s Pokémon Plays Twitch

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Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 kicked off over the weekend and it has already seen a ridiculous programming stunt take place. The TASbot team was able to hack Pokémon Red running on a Super Game Boy so that it displayed the streaming marathon’s Twitch chat.


The team calls it a “triple total control.” It works by them taking over Pokémon Red, then taking over the Super Game Boy it was running on, and finally taking over the Super Nintendo. From there, they were then able to stream Twitch chat through the controller cables.


The whole effort is an inversion of the channel TwitchPlaysPokemon, which kicked off in 2014. The channel is a form of crowdplaying in which the collective of people in the Twitch chat are able to type in commands to control the game. Hence, Twitch is able to play Pokémon.


But this programming stunt is best described as Pokémon playing Twitch, you can see at about the 12:50 mark in the video above. If you watch before that time you’ll get a more technical explanation of what the team did to make this happen.

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