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Former Former Sony Interactive Entertainment President Shuhei Yoshida Gets BAFTA Award

Shuhei Yoshida Awarded BAFTA Fellowship

Former Sony Interactive Entertainment President and current PlayStation Independent Developer Initiative Shuhei Yoshida will be receiving the BAFTA Games Fellowship. The award, handed out by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, is a lifetime achievement honor for major figures within the industry.

Shuhei Yoshida is one of the more prominent faces of PlayStation and a beloved figure in the industry. He joined Sony’s team at its inception and now serving as head of the Independent Developer Initiative that helps indie projects release on the system. He was also head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios from 2008 to 2019, overseeing many of Sony’s best-known titles.

As head of the Independent Developer Initiative, he acts as a champion for smaller titles. This also applies to social media. Jane Millichop, CEO of BAFTA, stated this was the primary reason for awarding Shuhei Yoshida the fellowship, along with his long career with the company.

The BAFTA Fellowship Award was originally introduced in the UK in 1971, honoring figures in film such as Alfred Hitchcock, its first winner. The BAFTA Games Awards were introduced in 2003, and the Fellowship award was carried over for influential figures in gaming in 2007. The first winner was Will Wright, creator of The Sims, while other winners include Shigeru Miyamoto and Hideo Kojima.

Shuhei Yoshida will receive his BAFTA Fellowship at the BAFTA Games Awards ceremony on March 30, 2023. The ceremony will be streamed live on Twitch.

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